10 August 2011

Lifer Moose

I hinted at my second lifer mammal of the Colorado trip in my last trip post: It's brown, it's big, and it has a bell.  The answer is my first MOOSE.  This is one of those iconic animals that I've been eagerly wanting to see.  Grand Lake, CO didn't disappoint.  We saw our first moose of the trip from the porch of the cabin at sunset.  The large bull sauntered across the yard of our neighbor across the river.  It had a nice pair of small antlers.  The next day we saw our second moose of the trip (captured in the video below).  It's a young male with two little stubs for antlers.

As for the bell, well this is a topic of debate.  The male will often soak it in urine so it must have something to do with territories or mating.  The bell is the flap of skin that hangs down beneath the moose's neck.


Holly Krahe said...

You really fooled me with the "bell" clue ;)

Don't know if you would be interested, but I have gotten a ton of job postings from the State lately for park rangers in McArthur, Big Pine, Islamorado, etc. They pay terribly but the location is sweet! You can find them on the State website, or let me know and I'll forward the link to you.

Really enjoy reading about your travels and crossing my fingers that the PBC people are sane enough to keep the centers open.

Eva Matthews said...

I had no idea it was a called a bell until I looked it up. I was calling it a wattle, like a turkey but it's not the same apparently.

I would love to see the job postings. I am thinking my job could be saved but it's nice to have a backup plan. I'll check it out!

Are you free Sept. 17th?? It's the NAMC at Green Cay. I'd love to have you bird with me again Holly.