05 August 2011

Lifer Marmot!

Another great lifer for the trip was found in Rocky Mountain National Park, a Marmot!  Up until this moment the closest I had been to a Marmot was when I once tried on a rain jacket with its namesake.  To say the least, I was far away from the actual.  This furry rodent like animal is closely related to squirrels and I must admit, much larger than I imagined.  This one tried to hide near the visitor center on Trail Ridge Road.  The winds were blasting off the mountain slopes and I couldn't help but feel like the poor guy was freezing.  But look at that huge, thick coat. These animals are made for high elevations and I was happy that I had such a great look at my first one. 

We left the Marmot gazing out over the Rocky Mountains.  I took a panoramic shot of the Marmot's view.  I must say, the scenery was breathtaking!  I am happy to add this to my mammal list and I hope I have many more looks at this huge ground squirrel.

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