03 August 2011

CL Digibinning Louisiana Waterthrush

This early Fall migrant showed up at Green Cay last week.  It's always a pleasure to see a Louisiana Waterthrush and this one I was able to video with the new CL Swarovski binoculars.  I thought they performed pretty well.  For those not familiar, digibinning or digiscoping is when you put a camera up to the lens of a binocular or scope and take a photo or video.  It's a great way to document events and provides a nice up-close view if you don't happen to have an expensive camera.  I'm still working out the new binoculars so I'm sure my technique will improve as the CLs and I become better acquainted. With the small size of the binoculars it was very easy to hold them in one hand and hold the digital camera in the other.  This was a vast improvement from my clunky old bins that were a little awkward to hold with one hand.

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Ben Warner said...

Nice video. One thing I've found very helpful when digibinning is to keep my finger on the focus knob, that way when I am taking a video or photo I can adjust the focus on the go, help bring it in just a little more. You might already do that, but yeah. Its definitely a tricky thing, and you get a lot of blurry results, often still helpful though in a pinch.