26 July 2011

Puerto Rico Bird Tally

Above are a couple of photos taken by Emily while we were birding with Ana in Puerto Rico.  Our complete bird tally is below in order of seen on the trip (repeats for common species will be found on the lists).  Each day has my species total.  Life birds are in bold.

Great Egret, White-winged Dove, Greater Antillean Grackle, Bannaquit, Gray Kingbird, House Sparrow, Zenaida Dove, Rock Pigeon, Shiny Cowbird, Pin-tailed Wydah, Black-faced Grassquit, Carribean Martin, White-crowned Pigeon, Killdear, Northern Mockingbird, Red-legged Thrasher, Troupial, Common Ground-dove, Puerto Rican Tody, Northern Parula, Adeleide's Warbler, Puerto Rican Bullfinch, Mangrove Cuckoo, Black-whiskered Vireo, Antillean Mango, Puerto Rican Vireo, Smooth-billed Ani, Puerto Rican Lizard Cuckoo, Puerto Rican Spindalis, Puerto Rican Oriole, Puerto Rican Woodpecker, Puerto Rican Flycatcher, Brown Pelican, Ruddy Turnstone, Roseate Tern, Bridled Tern, Cattle Egret, White-tailed Tropicbird, Snowy Egret, Black-necked Stilt, Lesser Yellowlegs, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Tricolored Heron, Common Moorhen, Great Blue Heron, Cave Swallow, Pearly-eyed Thrasher

Pearly-eyed Thrasher, Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Banaquit, Rock Pigeon, Black-faced Grassquit, Red-tailed Hawk, Puerto Rican Tody, Puerto-rican Screech-owl, Shiny Cowbird

Scaly-naped Pigeon, Puerto Rican Oriole, Banaquit, Puerto Rican Tody, Puerto Rican Emerald, Gray Kingbird, Puerto Rican Tanager

Green Mango, Puerto Rican Tody, Puerto Rican Oriole, Banaquit, SNPI, Gray Kingbird, Shiny Cowbird, Scaly-naped Pigeon, Laughing Gull, Greater Antillean Grackle, Great Egret, House Sparrow

Rock Pigeon, Brown Pelican, Greater Antillean Gracke, Semipalmated Plover, Ruddy Turnstone, Roseate Tern, Banaquit, Magnificent Frigatebird, Great Blue Heron, Antillean Nighthawk, Black-faced Grassquit, Gray Kingbird, Nutmeg Manniken, Carribean Elania

For a non-birding trip I had a few lifers each day and many repeat looks at some of the endemic species.  A total of 26 lifers, and yes I am counting those exotics that are breeding there.  It was a perfect trip and I would go back in a heartbeat, especially to Casa Cubuy Ecolodge.  I would love to swim in the waterfalls again and see endemic Puerto Rican specialities while doing it!

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