19 July 2011

The Horses of Vieques

While at Sun Bay in Vieques we were delighted to have a horse trot along the shoreline.  Behind her a young colt was following behind.  At some point the adult walked ahead and left the colt.  I'm not sure what the colt was doing but once it realized it was left it ran by in a dash.  I could only catch a glimpse at the young horse struggled to keep up with its parent. 

The horses are descendents of earlier European settlers and roam the island freely.  We saw them on the sides of the road, on the beach, and even eating on the small mountain slopes.  I'm sure these feral horses do have a negative environmental impact but I will say it's interesting to see them while traveling around the island.  Even though I am not a big fan of exotic species taking over, I am sure these horses have been around for many generations and somehow they have fit into the landscape.  Plus, the locals do use them for transportation.  Emily and I saw at least 2 or 3 guys riding horses that looked like they must have been wild at some point. 

The small island off of Puerto Rico is a nice place if you're looking for quiet beaches and little commercialization.  The island doesn't have any red lights and only a few traffic laws that we could tell.  I will admit that the roads are a bit bumpy and many of them are unpaved so an adventuresome spirit is needed when driving around.  Maybe one of these days I'll even tell you about how we almost took our vehicle off the side of a little cliff.

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