15 July 2011

El Yunque At A Glance

I can't tell you enough how beautiful and peaceful El Yunque National Forest was in Puerto Rico.  The best part about this portion of the trip was how we spent our days.  Each day consisted of lounging in the pools, scrambling over rocks, eating delicious Puerto Rican dinners in an outdoor restaurant with the sounds of the night around us, and having serene morning of coffee and rainforest sights.  I have to also mention that our hosts at Casa Cubuy Ecolodge were very friendly and the family style breakfasts gave us a nice chance to meet all the lovely people that were sharing our space.  Even though the place was booked, we rarely encountered anyone on the trails or in the waterfall pools.  If a family was nearby, we just walked to the next pool that was hidden behind the boulders.  Truly, this was my favorite part of Puerto Rico and I can't wait to go back.   

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