11 July 2011


We had heard of the Coquí before traveling to Puerto Rico but we never imagined they would become such a major part of the landscape.  The first night on the island we stayed with some lovely Couchsurfing hosts. They gave us a killer room with floor high windows on two sides.  With the wind coming off the coast, we fell asleep to the sound of Coquí that night.  This would be a comforting lullaby as we traveled the island.

Coquí is the common name for many endemic species of Puerto Rican frogs.  I believe the species we found while staying at Casa Cubuy Ecolodge was the Eneida's Coquí (Eleutherodactylus eneidae), seen in Emily's hands.  It's endangered and only found in mountains between 1000 and 3000 feet.  The little guy that Emily is holding was found outside our room so we gently moved it out of the path of people.  We also found one in our shower that we tried to remove but after an unsuccessful capture we decided the little frog could live with us.

I would love to have a few Coquí around to fall asleep to here in South Florida.

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Anonymous said...

i must say that i love your page!!!!!!! it really brought the enchantment back to life in my Boriquen heart.