16 June 2011

Purple Gallinules and Green Cay updates

We have Purple Gallinule babies at Green Cay!  I saw two chicks yesterday being fed by the parents and they are at least a week or two old.  As I was watching one of the adults babysitting the other adult started building a new nest.  I guess they waste no time on the second clutch!

The water levels are very low at the wetlands these days but as you know Florida is in a drought.  We have treated wastewater being pumped in each day or we would be bone dry.  Of course now that Palm Beach County is on water restrictions more golf courses and housing developments are buying the treated wastewater for irrigation which leaves us with dry shores.  But you won't find me complaining, the birds are having a grand time feeding in the shallow areas and nesting on the dry shore.  We even had our first White-rumped Sandpipers show up last week! 

For those following the news you probably understand that we may face harsh budget cuts this year.  It shouldn't come to any surprise that I am applying for a new job.  If you have any leads, throw them my way!  I have 8 years experience with environmental education, 4 years experience as a volunteer coordinator, and management experience as well working as a nature center manager and education coordinator.  Also, I'm willing to move almost anywhere!  You can reach me via the comments if you know any likely income sources. 

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