17 May 2011

Silly Oliver

Oliver, our Eastern Screech-owl at Green Cay, lives in my office. He jumps from perch to perch with ease but the other day he had some balance issues and fell into the cup holder. This bewildered look you see sums up his feelings (if I had to guess). After a few minutes he calmed down and hopped out but not before I snapped a few photos.

By the time I was done taking photos you could tell his expression had changed from surprise to more of irritation. I don't blame him. One little slip and here I was going all paparazzi on him. Poor fellow, it must be hard balancing when you have only one wing.

If you're interested in seeing Oliver he's usually on display behind the front desk of our nature center. He entertains people on his little perch during the day and then retreats to his cage for the night. Oliver is also used with our educational programs so if he's not home, then most likely he's earning his dinner by teaching people about car strikes and the importance of owls in the ecosystem.

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