09 May 2011

Peaceful Waters Sanctuary

Wellington, Florida has opened up two new wetlands in the past few years. The newest I will be traveling to today with my volunteers from Green Cay. We will be exploring the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat, MSTDEH, and we may also stop by Peaceful Waters. I went on a scouting trip a few weeks back and snapped a few photos from Peaceful Waters. As you can see it's a small wetland and it also serves as a water reclamation facility (very common in South Florida and very similiar to Green Cay).

On this trip I had the normal suspects plus a flock of dowitchers. It was sunset but I was still able to have a nice loop around. This wetland is open sunrise to sunset and is located within a larger Parks & Recreation compound. The MSTDEH, it's still long shortened!, is the newer sibling and is only open 8am-5pm. I am really looking forward to what this new park has to offer next year. Right now it's full of new plant transplants and a handful of birds. Maybe today will offer up something delightful!

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