27 May 2011

Bahia Honda Camping

Yes, I know I promised Puerto Rico updates would come at some point but there is a delay due to me deleting almost 300 of my photos by accident. After that tragedy, I just didn't have it in me to post about the trip but inspiration will come soon. Until then let me share a few updates from my latest camping trip.

Emily and I camped at Bahia Honda State Park the weekend after our week-long Puerto Rico excursion. I know, it's hard to imagine we would want more beach time but believe me, the Florida Keys aren't so bad even if you have just been vacationing on another island. This state park is one of my favorite places to camp and I've had so many great memories here with all my friends that I was really happy to share this place with Emily.

Though the weather was hot we got a lucky break and the weather actually cooled to the 80s for the time we were there. We spent the days swimming and reading books on the beach and that night we went down to the shoreline for a windy and cool exploration. The campsites in Sandspur are mostly for tents and each one has a nice little view of the ocean. It's nice to camp in a park without RVs surrounding you and the hum of generators. Instead we fell asleep to the sound of the waves crashing. In the middle of the night we even had a nice downpour and as you know, storms can be quite exciting when you're sleeping on the ground. Fortunately, the new tent kept us dry and we had a lovely experience.

On our way home we stopped at the large roadside Lobster, Betsey, and took in a few shops on Islamorada. I had a delicious chilled coffee concoction and we found this large rat on top of an ice cream shop. I normally hate all things of the rodent expression but since we had just finished reading The Tale of Despereaux at the beach, I took this one as a good sign. After we picked up a few pieces of art from some local artists we hit the road and headed back to Miami. It was a nice short weekend but still very relaxing and spent in good company.

If you want to support local artists in the Keys please check out The Rain Barrel Artisans' Village. You can't miss it, just look for Betsey the Lobster!

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