06 April 2011

Canopy Tower Winner!

The most amazing thing has happened, I won the Canopy Tower Contest! Well, technically I won second place but the prize is still rich with offerings. Raul Arias de Para emailed me with the details of the trip:


*The prize is for an eight (8) night stay in the Canopy Tower Family, 4 nights in the Canopy Tower and 4 nights in the Canopy Lodge.

*The prize does not cover flights and travel prior to arriving at Canopy Tower.

*The prize includes all accommodation and subsistence while staying at the Canopy Tower Family locations and also includes transfers to and from the airport.

*The prize is for 1 person.

*The prize must be booked for a stay between the dates of May 15th 2011 and December 15th 2011 or between the same dates in 2012.

Raul also decided to raise the stakes by suggesting we visit in 2012 with this lucrative offer "I am presently in the initial stages of building another lodge in the Darien Lowlands. It should be ready next year. I propose to all of you to come next year and I’ll add 4 nights in the new lodge. So the prize will be 12 nights, 4 in the Canopy Tower, 4 in the Canopy Lodge and 4 in the Canopy Darien." This is an even better offer and one I am not going to pass down!

The shock of winning is still lingering and I am sure it will continue until I buy my tickets to Panama. If you haven't heard of the Canopy Tower in Panama I suggest you check it out. It's always been a dream that I visit and I am grateful for Raul for making my dream come true.

Does anyone have suggestions on what month I should visit? Any tips or must-do activities? I look forward to your responses.


Mike said...

Congratulations, Eva. Having visited both stunning locales and enjoyed Raul's hospitality, I can tell you that you have no idea how amazing this trip will be. All I can tell you is that every aspect of the Canopy experience -- from the guides to the accommodations to the phenomenal birds -- is world class. Lucky!!!

Eva Matthews said...

Thanks Mike for the well wishes! I can't wait to redeem the prize.