11 March 2011

Strange Blue-winged Teal

This odd looking adult Blue-winged Teal is hanging around Green Cay right now. Notice the lack of a solid blue head and how the crescent is weak. I have been watching him for a week now and wondering what exactly is going on. Could it be a Cinnamon Teal x Blue-winged Teal Hybrid or is it just an odd coloration? The jury is out. What do you think??

These shots are taken through my binoculars so I will try and go out later to get better shots with my scope.

The butt ends, in case you're wondering are all Blue-winged Teal looking.

I will continue to check this guy out but I would love any insight you may have if you have seen something similar or know a few things about ducks. Leave it in the comments!

If I obtain better shots I will post them soon. You never know what you may find if you look closely. Also, I hope to have a date with a Virginia Rail this afternoon. It's been seen on the north end of Green Cay for the past week. I went out earlier but didn't locate it. I did however see 5 Sora, so the consolation prize wasn't bad.

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