22 March 2011

St. Augustine, Camping, & Street Painting Fest

Before Emily and I embark to Colorado this week I should catch you up to speed on the current camping trips. A couple of weeks back we had the pleasure of camping at Anastasia State Park. I've always wanted to check this place out and we weren't disappointed. Unfortunately we could only camp one night but it was definitely worth the drive. We woke up Saturday morning to the sound of the ocean and a nice shaded campsite (something that is mandatory in a good Florida campground!)

On our drive out we found Emily's lifer Gopher Tortoise. We watched it crawl towards the safety of its burrow. Once it was in close range the Gopher Tortoise ran (yes, turtles can run) and dashed into the darkness of it's home. I was a little late snapping the photo but at least you can see the tell-tale signs of the burrow entrance.

A Woodstork watched our departure of Anastasia Island. Check out those white sand dunes in the distance. One of things I miss about North Florida/South Georgia is the huge relic dunes that are still intact. You won't find dunes like that in my area of Palm Beach. After leaving the park we headed to downtown St. Augustine.

Emily and I cruised the shops and took in the sights and sounds of this charming historic town. We hit up the local winery for the last tour of the day. The San Sebastian Winery has a great building just outside of the dowtown and the wine tour is free. You walk among the casks and have really great guides to tune you into the subtle differences of each one. We picked up a couple of bottles before heading back to Lake Worth.

After a relaxing night we woke up to a full day at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. Some of my favorities are below. If you haven't been to this event put it in your calendars for next year. They shut off both downtown streets and give it over to the artists.

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