25 March 2011

Returning to South Carolina

Last month I went home for my grandfather's funeral. It was a sad occasion but my family did spend one night at the river house and that was indeed the highlight of the trip. The Black River always makes me feel better. I love watching the eddies and swirls as the tannic river pulls around the curve by our house.

At the old farmhouse I found this wild boar skull on the railing. My Uncle Jerry had found it in the woods and brought it up to the house. Check out those tusks! I was always told as a kid if I saw a wild pig to run and now I understand why my parents gave this advise. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those teeth.

As the afternoon came to a close my Picabo dog and I took a stroll down the lane and watched the sun set in the Spanish Moss. It was a cool evening but not brisk enough to keep us inside.

We walked over to the old slave cabin that now is falling into shambles. Only 5 years ago you could still walk inside the dwelling but now it's fallen in and toppled over. The only thing holding it together is the maze-work of vines and trees that line the sides of the walls.

I may not live in South Carolina but I do miss the seasons, the long country roads, the peaceful pine woods, and spending time with my family. Even on sad occasions it's still good to go home.

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