05 October 2010

California Day 7 & 8: Accidents, Peanuts & Napa

On Friday we had grand plans to check out Muir Woods and Point Reyes but on the way for breakfast burritos I severely sprained my ankle and was out of commission for the day. So on my last day of the California trip we decided to keep it light and head towards the Napa area.

Our first stop was to the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. If you're a fan of the Peanuts comics you will enjoy strolling through the originals, learning the history of Charles Schulz, and also seeing some interesting tribute art like the piece below by a Japanese artist that uses Peanuts comics to portray this classic Lucy/Charlie Brown scene.

It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed strolling about the property and taking in all the sights. I was disappointed in my lack of complete mobility but at least we were out of the house and having fun. Though I will admit that being stuck in the bed all day was made a lot better by my gracious host who cooked me home-made soup and arepas. No matter what your injury, that will always make it better!

After the museum we headed towards the hockey rink and gift shop area. I never knew that Schulz was such an admirer of ice skating. It's quite clear in the comics but I never would've guessed that he would have a private rink, which he made very public for everyone to use.

As a kid growing up Snoopy was my favorite cartoon character. I often thought we would be great friends since we shared a strong urge to drink root beer, play all types of sports, and like little feathered animals.

I would've loved to have seen Muir Woods or had the chance to bird Point Reyes but under the circumstances this was a great way to spend my last day in California. I owe it to Geraldine for being very patient with my slow limping and hobbling about.

Next we headed to wine country and took the side roads from Santa Rosa towards Napa. The rolling hills of grape vineyards were perfect to behold on such a bright blue-sky day.

Cows littered the landscape and they were beautiful with their spots and patterns. I have a strong like of cows and as I've stated in the blog before, they always remind me of childhood. In some ways I suppose this was a running theme of the day, comics to cows.

Upon arriving at Napa we soon learned that a Blues, BBQ, and Brews Festival was going on. I didn't think I would be in the heart of wine country with a beer festival taking place but I couldn't complain. The music was nice, the beer sampling was enjoyable and I even had a glass of white wine called Más, which I enjoyed.

We ended the day going back to San Francisco and having dinner in the Castro. It was a bittersweet end of an excellent trip. I was sad to say goodbye to a good friend and I didn't want the adventure to be over. Of course the good news is that this weekend Geraldine and I will be back in action exploring the North Carolina mountains with my mom. I'm excited to see fall colors, Asheville, and of course I am looking forward to spending time with two of my favorite people in the world.

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