13 July 2010

Rainy Day Back

After an exciting weekend up in Georgia/South Carolina for a friend's wedding I am officially back in Florida. The nature center's weather today has turned cloudy and off-and-on showers have plagued the afternoon. I forgot how nice the summers are in South Carolina. I miss those hot days and semi-cool nights. We don't have that in Florida. The heat index this morning at 8AM was 90 degrees. But despite the weather I am glad to be back home. I'm looking forward to shorebird migration later this month. And I have my fun but exhausting Jr. Naturalist Series starting this weekend at the nature center. No plans for any travel until August. So if you're in the area stop by Green Cay and you'll find me.
By the way, having a beach wedding is even better when the backdrop includes dolphins, Brown Pelicans, and Least Terns. Congratulations to Katie and Bill!

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