21 July 2010

Kaufman Field Guides

If you like free giveaways, helping conservation issues, and becoming a part of a larger birding community you should consider joining the 10,000 Birds Conservation Club. I was lucky enough to be one of their winners in a Kaufman Field Guide Seires giveaway many months ago. I wanted to finally get around to thanking 10,000 Birds and also Kenn Kaufman for such a treat. The books are amazing. I've been putting the Mammals guide to good use. On my recent trip out West I was able to identify Antelope Ground Squirrels from chimpmunks. This is something I would've had a harder time doing without these great guides. Now I even have a mammal list going thanks to Kenn.

The Butterfly guide has been a prize possession of mine since it came out so I was able to give my new copy away to a budding naturalist that lives in Oregon. I hope she's putting it to great use out there. And I opted to keep both the Bird guide and the Spanish edition bird guide. I'm in the process of producing a Spanish bird checklist for our nature center. With a large migrant community close by I want to reach out to this section of the community that is easily overlooked. I have the Kaufmans and 10,000 Birds to thank for all of these opportunities. Also I would be remise if also didn't thank Wren from Wrenaissance Reflections for giving me an opportunity to join such a great organization. Thanks everyone, Green Cay Nature Center and myself have much to gain from your generosity.

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