15 July 2010

Digiscoping Herps

Alligators have such an intrigue about them. They are large, carnivorous reptiles that remind us of dinosaurs and create fear in young and old alike. One of my favorite things to teach about is the mythical alligator and the many lies that have been told about this mostly docile beast. I love the patterns on this females head. She's been guarding her nest for the past few weeks. No one is sure when it will hatch but she stands diligently guarding it.

As you can see my digiscoping rig has aided in up-close photos lately on the blog. I really would like a better digital camera to use but so far it's working well. I love when visitors pass by and I let them take a peek at the magnified view. Such an awesome reptile and beautiful to behold.

One of Green Cay's other reptiles that gets lots of attention is the Florida Softshell Turtle. You rarely see them out basking due to the soft rubbery skin. Every now and then you may get lucky and see one fully out of the water like the beauty below. She was pretty far off but the scope allowed a little closer look. For size comparision she is bigger than a dinner plate, more platter size. I love how the mouth is left opening as if she's panting in the hot Florida weather.

Most people visit Green Cay to see the reptiles, especially the alligators. Even if the summer temperatures have caused most of the birds to migrate and the people to stay away, the herps are still out and about. Come out early to see them bask before the sun shines too bright.

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