02 June 2010

Softshell Release

This large Florida Softshell Turtle was graciously picked up from a busy 4-lane and brought to Green Cay last week. I have been releasing new turtles into the wetlands every week since nesting season started. This one is by far the largest turtle that's been rescued by someone. You can see the scrapes on her plastron in the second picture. Other than that she didn't have any other injuries. I placed her on the soft mud and before I could even take a picture she darted into the water. I hope she finds a happy home at Green Cay.


The Florida Blogger said...

Yeah, that is a pretty big one. Every once in a while I'll see one that big lounging on log on the Suwannee River.

Woof said...

Very cool. I've spent some of the best weeks and months of my life in Florida and always have been blown away by the wildlife. About 18 months ago I rescued a Florida softshell from a pond store here in Michigan (how it got in a shipment of map turtles and RES is a mystery). To my dismay it turned out to be a female; I already knew how big they got, having seen and handled them over the years. She's quintupled in size already! I'd like to take her "home" to Florida in some warmer month but am still looking for a reputable turtle rescue or relocation outfit down there.