06 July 2010

Sandpiper Dreams

These Semi-palmated Sandpipers stopped by Green Cay back in June when we lowered our water levels to do some re-plantings. I digiscoped all the photos using my Olympus Stylus Tough digital camera and the nature center's Eagle Optics Eltie scope. It's hard to show lots of contrast when the birds you are photographing are the same color as the mud they are standing on. Plus the light conditions were not the most favorable. But I guess I'm getting the hang of it.

By the end of July shorebird migration should start heating up in the Palm Beach County sod fields. Each year the farmers flood the sod fields to control the nematode population. This in turn attracts the migrating shorebirds. I always try to drive out west for some birding during this time of year. This year I am planning a week long California vacation in August but I still hope to visit our sod fields and see some new PBC birds for the year. If you're interested in the fields keep up-to-date with the Tropical Audubon bird board in the side panal. Once the birds come in there should be posts related to the fields. Until then, you and I can dream of these sandpipers returning to us once again.

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