21 June 2010

Green Heron Inspection

Having a job at a nature center does have its perks. One of the major ones is I get paid to look at birds. I gave it another go with the digiscoping set up. Took my camera out and walked around with the scope. I found a very cooperative Green Heron and fired off a series. A few are a little blurry but overall I was happy to see this bird up close in some weird angles. Birds preening give you a lot of insight to the body construction and design. Check it out:

With all that preening this Green Heron should be looking sharp. About 50 feet away were juvenile Green Herons staying close to the vegetation. I wonder if this happens to be one of the parents. No matter, it gave me a wonderful show at the wetlands.


Anonymous said...

excellent shots..and a very good jog..congrats

Eva said...

Green Herons are one of my favorties.