14 May 2010

On the road in Utah

Roadside flowers in Utah (anyone know the ID?)

Driving into Zion National Park

My first look at the canyon

There still was some snow capped mountains despite the warm weather.

The rocks were a beautiful red color that even tinted the road.

Our little rental car did just fine navigating the ups and downs in Zion.

The famous arch, a natural rock formation.

This was a little "window" in the tunnel at Zion.

The tunnel was dark and longer than I expected. They only allow one way traffic due to the small size of the road.

Zion is famous for it's variety in rock formations. They have so many different layers and types of stratification.

After driving from Las Vegas we took a nice spin through the park and then made a loop back to our hotel. We needed plenty of rest for our first full day of hiking in Zion.

These are called the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. They are located near Mt. Carmal Junction. We drove by them on our loop by to our hotel.


Larry said...

Nice shots!

valia said...

Wondereful photography - and I live here, so I see a lot of Zion pics.
They do have two-way travel through the Zion tunnel, unless there's a large vehicle, like a motor home, going through. Large vehicles have to pay to go through the tunnel because park employees limit the traffic to one-way for them.