24 May 2010

Grand Canyon National Park

We stopped at some roadside stands on the way to the Grand Canyon and were able to catch the first few glimpses of the gorge.

Seeing the Grand Canyon in person should be required for everyone that lives or visits this country. It's breathtaking, overwhelming, and perfect. At times you can't really even wrap your mind around the grand scale.

Once the sun came out we could really see some of the colors in the layers of rock. But even in the shadows, the canyon was beautiful. It was also much colder here than on the previous days but we lucked out with the rain staying away. We took so many pictures at the overlooks but once I was home I only wish I had taken more.

We found a nice place for a late lunch at one of the hotel lodges. Our view out the window was much like the one below. We were even fortunate enough to see ANOTHER California Condor. This one did a fly-by of the window while we were dining. I couldn't believe our luck!

After lunch we strolled down a path that hugged the Southern Rim of the canyon. It was crowded but there were plenty of outcroppings where we had our own view.

Our original plan was to spend another full day at the Canyon before heading back to Vegas but instead I told Geraldine I had my fix and that we should head to Flagstaff/Sedona for our last day of vacation.

On the way out of the park we spotted some Elk grazing on the side of the road. It was the perfect conclusion to a very busy day of driving, walking through a slot canyon, and then gazing at the Grand Canyon. I didn't know it then but the next day would be my favorite of the trip!

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