21 May 2010

Antelope Canyon

After taking Zion for all it was worth we hit the road to Page, Arizona. This time we had a different kind of canyon to explore, the famous Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is found on Navajo land and you can either explore the upper or lower sections. If you've never been to a slot canyon or you happen to be in Arizona you should definitely check this place out. It's otherwordly down in the canyon.

We entered the "trail" from this small opening. There was a series of ladders that we climbed from one section to the next.

The rock formations were so beautiful and perfect. It was like walking through a magical, sometimes small, hallway. And it was completely natural and formed by water, not some man-made amusement park. I couldn't get enough of the way the light made the walls seem different colors. It's hard to really capture the beauty of this place with a camera but that didn't stop Geraldine and I from trying.

We wandered down the canyon taking photos of every curve and color. Below was a Ravens nest set high on a ledge of the canyon.

Sometimes I found that since this place is so surreal the only way to make any sense of it is by having some perspective. When a person is in the photo, you really get an idea of how big and grand this place really was.

It was a really fun stroll through a unique place. Sometimes the trail became very narrow like the little place in the photo below that literally only fit one person at a time.

Due to some safety concerns (and rightly so, since some people have died in the canyon during flash floods) metal ladders were installed to navigate around. In the past people relied on hand holds like the ones seen below. These proved to be too cumbersome and also not safe when people really needed to evacuate.

I could've spent all day down in Antelope Canyon but we decided that after one section we would make our way down the road to the Grand Canyon. One of the last sections of the trail before we left offered us this "lion" in the rocks.

Once back on top of the land we were surrounded by scenery such as this. It's very flat out there but also deceiving since these slot canyons weave through the landscape.

I had never heard of Antelope Canyon before this trip. I am indebted to my travel partner for introducing me to such a remarkable natural landmark.

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Amy said...

Wow, what a cool place. I never heard of it before either but now I really want to visit. Great post!