20 April 2010

A Dog's View at Camping

Picabo sleeps while we drive to Central Florida. It's a hard life for my 15 year old Rat Terrier. She's not the only pup on this trip. My friend Kim brought her dog Dolce along as well. Dolce is a 4 year old Golden Retriever.

After setting up camp we take the dogs on a 4 mile hike. It's hot and unshaded but don't worry, we brought plenty of water for the pups.

As our hike continues Dolce takes every opportunity to walk through the mud puddles. She's a good girl though and doesn't take a swim...something we were mildly worried about.

After 3 miles of hiking Picabo is dragging behind a little and she seems lethargic. So I pick her up and put her in my backpack. Believe me, there was no complaining from her with this situation.

Dolce has youth on her side and didn't seem to mind the hike at all. But she did pass out once we were back at the campsite. I think for the next two days the dogs were still recovering from our adventure.

Back at camp the dogs made themselves at home, mostly lounging in the dirt. Picabo however is a spoiled dog and insisted on jumping on the picnic table ever time I turned my back.

Our camping trip was a success and bringing the dogs along proved to be almost effortless. They were by far the best behaved dogs in the whole state park.

On the way home we stopped to look for Whooping Cranes. I lowered the windows and the dogs enjoyed some sightseeing. Dolce was especially interested in the cows. Everything went well other than one small incident with Boo deciding to jump out the window while we were looking at some Sandhill Cranes. She walked right by the cranes without notice but it did scare me for a second.

Boo is only living with me temporarily for the next couple of months until my mom gets better. I'm going to miss my little travel companion when she's gone.

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Kimmie04 said...

The dogs were super cute and well behaved...and the company wasn't all that bad either ;-). Good times all around, and success with the whooping cranes!