05 August 2009

Eagle Optics!

Thanks to the Trotta family and Eagle Optics, Green Cay Nature Center now has 48 new pairs of binoculars for the school kids and general public to use. The binocs are of great value and they offer a crisp field of view. I'm really excited to start using these once I'm back from vacation.


island timer said...

as a teacher working outdoors a LOT, I can appreciate your excitement over the purchase!
Loved your post about the Keys, too. Reminds me of days gone by B.C. (before children ;) )
We still go lots of places on a whim, it's just a wee bit different, lol.

Ben Lizdas said...

Hi Eva,
We were glad to be able to help out and I'm sure the kids will love their experience with the optics!
Best of luck with your programs.

Ben Lizdas
Sales Manager
Eagle Optics