09 July 2009

Alligator 1, Otter 0

In the classic battle of Alligator verses Otter, the Alligator always wins. Two weeks ago (wow, I really am behind on the times!) we had 5 River Otters running by the bank by the nature center. Unfortunately for the close knit family an alligator was lurking nearby. At approximately 8:00AM the Alligator jumped on the bank and snatched one of the otters into the murky Green Cay wetlands. After an all day struggle the River Otter is what you see below, a jumble of skin and bones.

All photos taken at Green Cay by Marty Kaye, used with permission.

I love the action shot of the Alligator ripping a piece off of the Otter's carcass. These predators use such sheer force to kill and eat their prey. Summer months in South Florida bring slow days at the wetlands but every now and then we get to see something really spectacular.

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