12 May 2009

Migration is coming to an end

All photos taken by Bill Kominksy, used with permission.

The migration in South Florida was pretty poor this year. We had about two okay weeks, really I would say two good days and then the birds were gone. But when they were around it really was a beautiful sight. The Cape May Warbler's looked sharp and even the call of the Gray Catbird was welcoming. I miss these little feathered friends but tomorrow I head to Maine for a long weekend and I'm hoping some of them will join me in the parks around Portland. If you have any birding suggestions I would love to have them. I will be staying near Saco, Maine and spending one day in the Portland area birding. Then we're camping up at Camden Hills State Park and going on a puffin trip before returning home. If you know some must-see stop along the way leave me a note!

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dAwN said...

oh...you MUST contact...John...from Birding in Maine
very nice fellow..he will stear you in the right directions for birding Maine..tell him Dawn Fine from Dawns bloggy blog sent you...