07 April 2009

Grand Bahama Migration

Andy, Kim, and I took a nice little weekend trip to Grand Bahama in search of some birds. We really lucked out with migration and we had great looks at Prairie and Cape May Warblers, not to mention a wonderful Hooded Warbler, 2 Worm-eating Warblers, and an Ovenbird. I think we hit the double digits in warbler species and of course we came up with two great vireos, Black-whiskered and Thick-billed. On our second day we had a Baltimore Oriole stopping by at our bird bath at the bed and breakfast that gave us killer looks. But there's far more stories to tell about this trip than just the birds but you'll have to wait until tomorrow after I've had some sleep.

Come back tomorrow to hear of broken down cruise ships, crazy rental cars, Bahamian specialty birds, and the places and locations that we visited.

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Amy said...

Oh, what a tease! Looking forward to hearing more of your adventure. :)