26 March 2009


I'd like to say that my week long absence was because I was off on some amazing birding trip or backpacking adventure but the truth is that I've just been busy. My life has been on a little bit of an indulgent trip where I fill the days socializing, working, and playing sports.

The first week in April I will be going on a whirlwind birding trip to the Bahamas and then later in May I'm going to search for Puffins up in Maine. So maybe things here will start rolling again. I still bird at least a couple times a week and yesterday I had my first Downy Woodpecker in the yard. Of course Green Cay is doing quite well. Our resident Eastern Screech-Owls are nesting, the Black-necked Stilts have returned, and the Limpkins are in full breeding thunder. Expect more wildlife encounters next week!

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