05 March 2009

Hanging with the Indigo

Not only is Okeeheelee home to Niles the Sandhill Crane but they also have a variety of snakes and other animals inside. My favorite of all their snakes has to be their very large Indigo Snake (Drymarchon corais couperi).

That's my roommate above, Mo, showing off the impressive length of this snake. It's a little hard to tell the actual size due to the dark room and the black snake but you get the idea. Indigo Snakes can grow up to 60-74 inches with a record of 103.5 inches.

Because it seeks refuge in gopher tortoise burrows, along with diamondback rattlesnakes and many other organisms, in some parts of Florida the indigo is called the 'gopher snake'. I've seen this snake in Georgia, Florida, and Texas but I just found out today that there are two seperate subspecies. Drymarchon corais erebennus is found from southern Texas to southern Mexico.


slybird said...

I love that snake! I'm doing my best to find one in the wild.

Eva said...

Nick, you're certainly in the right spot to find one. Good luck!