05 February 2009

3 Peahen Walk Into a Wetland

Photo taken by Bill Kominsky at Green Cay.

Sometime last week I overheard a visitor state that 3 pheasants had ran across the parking lot of Green Cay. At the time I merely shrugged it off as another weird visitor sighting. I've heard everything from Green Cay hosting Penguins to Florida Panthers so I take a lot of things with a grain of salt. But this time the visitors got it right, or at least partially.

On Saturday I was out with my new high school volunteer trying to find our treefrog study pipes in the drainage ditch area off of the parking lot when he exclaimed "I don't see the pipes but I see 3 peacocks." Imagine my surprise when I looked over near the Cypress Trees and found 3 female peahens sitting on the ground. Indian Peafowl are often kept as pets but we aren't near anywhere that these 3 birds could have orginated. So the standing theory is that someone simply dropped them off. As of today the 3 peafowl are still around but we're trying to find a home for them. Something tells me that a busy nature center parking lot may not be the best place for them to roam.

Photo taken by Bud Crompton at Green Cay.

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