13 January 2009

Birds and Breakfast

This past Sunday was my first Birds and Breakfast program at Green Cay. We had a large group of about 30 people but we saw a lot of great birds. My favorite had to be the Sora. We had 4 of them give us all really great looks. These little guys only visit us in the winter and they always let me know that the season has changed despite the hot temperatures and sunny skies.

One of the highlights of the day was meeting Dawn and her friends. They came on the Birds and Breakfast walk and even helped me out by bringing their great scope along for those just out of sight birds. Dawn also made a really great Youtube video that you should check out. It gives you a great idea of what birding Green Cay is like this time of year. Check her blog post and the video out! And thanks Dawn for dropping by. I hope you and Jeff enjoyed the walk. And I'm glad you found that Least Grebe still hanging around!


dAwN said...

We had an excellent birdie walk with you! ...I am so glad I found your blog ..I would never have known about Green Cay.
And to be able to have the Bird and Breakfast with you was wonderful and I cant thank you enough for squeezing us in.
OH and thanks for the icing on the cake...the Least Grebe, a lifer for us.
You are very lucky to work at such a beautiful place.

dAwN said...

I was looking on my birdstack and saw that an Egyptian goose was seen in the Jupiter area(inland off 95) have you heard of this? and do u think it is worth pursuing?

Eva said...

Egyptian goose is really common as a feral on the golf courses and housing developments around here. I don't know any reliable places but they are around in pretty good numbers.