11 December 2008

Grocery Store Owl

On my lunch break yesterday I ran into the grocery store across the street from my work. While ordering my food at the counter the workers start talking about their owl. So of course I jump in and ask what's the story. Apparently a Burrowing Owl was hiding in the Christmas trees by the front door of the grocery store yesterday morning. At some point in the day it decided to come through the motion sensor doors and fly up over the diary section. So there I was looking at the cheese and milk with a Burrowing Owl perched less than 10 feet above my head. Life in Florida is always interesting.

Of course I didn't have my camera when I needed it so you'll have to manage with this picture of some Burrowing Owls taken last year by the elementary school where I volunteer.


Amy said...

Neat sighting! I think I've only seen sparrows in shops before.

dAwN said...

oh my...did they get the little critter outta there?

Eva said...

They were still debating on what to do when I checked out. I told them to call Folke Peterson Wildlife Rehab....which is hopefully what they did.