19 November 2008

Green Cay update

Life has been busy since returning from the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. I still have a few more posts in the making about the trip but for now I'll give you a little update on Green Cay. The Sora are back and easy to spot again.

The Black-bellied Whistling Duck babies are growing up. I didn't see either parent with them yesterday which makes me think that maybe they are on their own now for the first time. They seem to be sticking together, safety in numbers my friends.

And upon returning home I was really happy to see the water levels at Green Cay drop again creating some great shorebird habitat. Things like Wilson's Snipe, Least Sandpiper, and Solitary Sandpiper have been seen in the last week. Of course, I think they pumped in more water yesterday afternoon so I hope all the mud flats aren't covered. We even had two Roseate Spoonbills hanging out in the shallows this week.

All photos used with permission by Bill Kominsky and taken at Green Cay.

Whether it's Texas or Florida the birds are always a delight. I may not be able to add 43 new species to my life list in one week but I certainly do enjoy seeing some familiar birds show back up on my local patch.

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