23 November 2008

Belly to Belly

After a busy weekend of working and playing hard I am going to try and sum up the rest of the Texas adventures this week. I even took a trip over to Mexico on my last day in town. So look forward to a few more posts before I head up to South Carolina for some Thanksgiving celebrations.


Anonymous said...

Hey you! I remember that jay you are feeding. So it seems like you enjoyed my home state. It was fun to see you there.
Still got the tape on?

Eva said...

I took the tape off before going to the airport. I was afraid that they would find it weird if my boots were all taped up walking through security.

And yeah, Texas was a lot of fun. I'm glad that I ran into you there as well.

e. Gehring said...

This Texas trip has left me very envious. Thanks for posting, so I might go birding vicariously--