03 November 2008

BBWDs and Politics

If you visit Green Cay these days all the talk is of our baby Alligators but we still have some other young animals that are busy growing up. There is a new set up baby Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in that "bumblebee" stage and then we have the youngsters above that are still developing. They are gradually looking more and more like the parents but lack the orange bill and large body.

Today I'm packing my bags and will be out of touch for the following week as I attend the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. I'm sure I will be back with tales of birds and butterflies and bird bloggers. Until then, don't forget to get out there and vote! I voted last week thanks to early voting in Florida. And while I keep this blog on a strictly nature oriented theme, I am going to deviate and urge you to consider voting No on 2 if you live in Florida or if you're in California No on 8. This is about equality people, regardless if you're a Democrat, Republican or Independent.

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Sharon said...

These ducks are so cute, they look fake.