30 October 2008

Baby Alligators at Green Cay

Green Cay is an artificial wetland that was created to purify treated wastewater. We have approximately 5 to 6 American Alligators that call the wetlands home. On both sides we have canals but they are seperated by a fence. Most of alligators are too young to reproduce but it looks like that has changed. Our population increased over the past week when 15 babies were found near the Chickee Hammock.

As of today we are down to 8 baby alligators. I'm sure that the herons, snakes, and raccoons have been putting their dent into the population. I certainly would like to see a few make it. Stop by the wetlands to take a peep at these guys. They are just off the boardwalk and seen almost daily by our visitors.


Philip said...

Great blog it's so nice to see other people caring I wish I could visit but sorry to say I'm on the wrong continent I love your Ibis shot very nice great work keep it up!

Eva said...

Philip, thanks for all the compliments. I look foward to reading all about Africa at your blog.