23 October 2008

Autumn in Wisconsin

Welcome to Devil's Lake State Park, Wisconsin. Here's what the drive in looks like:

Recently on my trip to the Midwest we hit up the Devil's Lake State Park . The weather was perfect for camping with nice cool weather and sunny skies. First thing first, we set up the campsite and then headed down to the "beach" to have a picnic.

Our campsite above and the beach at Devil's Lake State Park below. It was really windy down by the water.

After our lunch of hummus and tomato sandwiches we hit the trail. My WI tour guide Melanie assured me that these were not mountains that we were hiking but when you're flying in from the flatlands of Florida everything looked like a mountain to me. We went up and up and up until we finally hit the top of the ridge that overlooks Devil's Lake.

The view from the top was spectacular. All the fall colors gave the landscape a surreal feeling. Above is the only group shot I managed from the whole trip (l to r): Melanie, Katie, Heather, and myself.

After hitting all the overlooks and being silly with our cameras we headed down the ridge to the lake's edge. On the way back we took the more leisurely Tumbled Rocks trail. It's here that I fell in love with the Baraboo Quartzite. Check out those purplish rocks.

After a full day of traveling and hiking we headed back to our home for the night in the Northern Lights Campsite. After many patient attempts we finally got a nice warm fire. Katie and Melanie made baked apples and we all enjoyed each other's company before heading to bed in our tents.

I really would have enjoyed staying at Devil's Lake S.P. for another day or two. There's over 29 miles of trail and we barely even scratched the surface. But we had miles before us and other adventures ahead. So we said farewell to the beautiful yellow trees and hit the road.

Check back later this week as I highlight a few more fun adventures in the Midwest including apple orchards and some hiking/birding in Illinois.

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