18 March 2008

The New Animals Of My Life

Now that I'm all settled into my new home I thought I would introduce the new animals of my life. First we have Carlos, a mutt that apparently found my roommate and decided they should be friends. Carlos is a quiet, mild-mannered boy and a pleasure to have around.

Carlos on the hunt for lizards.

Next we have Mookie, a very large male cat that slinks about unnoticed most of the time. Mookie spends his days mostly outside, which I have major problems with, but he's not my cat and therefore, I can't make those decisions for him. I have always had outside cats in my life (as a child) but now I know the harm they can do to the songbird population. I would love to build a bird friendly yard but I don't want to attract any birds for Mookie to eat.

Finally we have the unnamed kitten. This little character showed up the night before I moved into my house. Nathan has become attached to it and I think it will stay. I find the kitten to be quite the noisemaker but it is cute nonetheless.

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