03 March 2008

Chico photo shoot & Marathon

This entry is in honor of my furry pal Chico. Chico belongs to my roommates and recently, he joined us for a trip to Jacksonville, FL. This was the first time we have taken him to the beach and surprisely, he was in love. If you can't tell, Chico is a chihuahua and he is much smaller than the Ring-billed Gulls on the beach that day. He loved running through the sand but he was a little concerned about the coldness of the ocean.

The best part of the beach time was watching little Chico run around, kicking up sand in his wake. The second best part for me was watching my silly roommates give Chico a photo shoot. He even posed on a small surf board.

The purpose of the weekend up in Jacksonville was to participate in the Breast Cancer Marathon. I finished my first half marathon and celebrated all my friends and family donating to such a great cause. I couldn't have done it without them! I hope all my future races involve cute dogs, beach time, and great friends.

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