15 February 2008

Ruwanzakah Ends With the Fireworks

Fireworks are destructive. Fireworks scare wildlife and people; they are a waste and they can be dangerous. All of that said I still enjoy having a little fireworks show on occasion. Now, I don't shoot fireworks often but once a year, maybe twice, it happens. And I don't shoot them on Christmas or the 4th of July. Instead, I save my fireworks for Ruwanzakah.

If you don't know what Ruwanzakah is, that's okay. It's a made up holiday that my friends enjoy. We call it the Mennonite New Year in honor of our favorite Mennonite friend Rupp. She sparked this holiday and each year the celebration ends with the fireworks. And yes, each year this day is probably different depending on if and when we obtain the aforementioned fireworks.

Rupp couldn't join us this year due to her Peace Corps job in Bolivia. But if she looked in the northward direction over MLK weekend, she may have seen our show...

Though Rupp missed the Ruwanzakah countdown, I know she has been enjoying herself celebrating Carnival in Bolivia. Here she is, second from the left in a nice clown outfit before one of the many Carnival parades.

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