12 February 2008

The Link Between Us and the Heavens

While I was in Bolivia I had the extreme pleasure of observing over 30 Andean Condors. The whole experience was an adventure and is found here, in a previous post. Bolivians take great pride in their condors and representation of the condor is even found on their national flag. In this Washington Post Condor article, one Bolivian is quoted by saying the Andean Condor is very important because the native people believe it is a link between us and the heavens. If you have seen these majestic birds soaring through the mountains, you probably understand how they could just keep right on floating upwards into the heavens. The ones I saw certainly gave me a euphoric show.

It's great to see that restoration efforts are in place to preserve this bird species in South America. I met quite a few travelors that weren't so lucky as myself and missed the condors on mulitple trips. I know the article is over a month old, but if you missed it, definitely it's worth a read and the picture of the condor chick is at least worth a view.

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