21 February 2008

The Herps of My Life

I was always into herps but especially turtles. On my last trip to Jekyll with my folks we checked out the educational animals. Walter a.ka. Coon Lee a.k.a. the Pine Snake is HUGE. I can't believe how big the snake is compared to 2 years ago.

Below you will find a series of shots of my favorites Jekyll herps:

Walter the Pine Snake

Shelby the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Dorothy and Camilla the Eastern Box Turtles
And for a few herps from my current job at Green Cay we have 2 new additions. This large Snapping Turtle was released in the wetland last week. It almost was run over by a tractor but now it will be safe swimming in the murk of Green Cay Wetlands. And below that is a nasty Cuban Treefrog. If you know anything about these guys you know that they eat native treefrogs and have toxins that prohibit some birds and lizards from eating them. I love the color of this Cuban Treefrog though...and when we found it, the green was even darker. Nothing like a 3 inch treefrog to liven up the educational animal display.


Kathy Dennis said...

We visited Green Cay and Wakodahatchee in early Feb and just loved it! Saw a Snail Kite and Sora for the first time at Green Cay. No time to go in the Nature Center - maybe next time. You are all doing a great job with these wetlands. Pictures and praise on my blog http://life-birding-etc.blogspot.com/

Eva Matthews said...

Thanks for the praise. And also thank you for sharing your blog...you have great pictures.