06 February 2008

Georgia on my Mind

Over the past few months I have made many various trips to Georgia. Some trips were nature themed: padding in the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, visiting Crooked River State Park, and staying on Jekyll Island. Many of the trips were to catch up with family and friends. After living in the state for 3 years I consider Georgia my home. I keep returning regardless of where I live and I know that something will always draw me back again and again. I love the charm of the small towns and the sights of the port cities. The thing that really hooks me though is the beautiful scenery and the great people.

River Street, Savannah

Tug Boats on the Savannah River

Exploring Crooked River State Park

Visiting Jekyll Island with my parents

Walking through the Maritime Forest

South end of Jekyll Island

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Joe said...

We have too much in common! My partner has lots of family in Ga.

We have a family reunion with my partners family in Hazlehurst Ga every August. We typically spend 4 nights on Jekyll and enjoy the peace and quiet that it offers. I have lots of pictures of the Island that I have not posted on my Blog as of yet.

This year, because of the economy and the fact that we just booked a 7 day cruise, we are not going to Jekyll, but will visit family in Macon. There, we like the High Falls and the Indian Mounds. I do have shots of these locations on my blog.

One of my favorite restaurants is SeeJays at the Jekyll Harbor!