09 January 2008


The last few weeks have been completely a blur. I went home for Christmas but drove back to Florida on Christmas day so I could be in for work. While I was home I mostly spent time with my family and especially my dog, Picabo. Boo is a Rat Terrier and we have had her for over 12 years. Usually she greets me like a puppy, full of energy but age is slowly winning her over. Her facial hair is turning grey and her playful moments are not as frequent.

Still, like all terriers, Picabo has plenty of spunk and energy when she needs it. We did our normal routine of playing in the backyard. She loves to chase squirrels and anything you throw, such as berries or acorns. I love this dog so much and I hope we have many more days of exploration together.

The best addition to our family is from my brother Tim; below you can see me holding his little girl, Tycianna. I have a reputation of not liking babies but maybe the tides are turning. Little Ty won me over with her infectious smile and her laid back demeanor. I could steal this little one and keep her all for myself.

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