10 December 2007

Counting at Green Cay

This weekend I will be heading down to Miami to participate in a Christmas Bird Count. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be able to count birds almost every week at my job. Green Cay has a nice bird population and since it is a new wetland, birds are still finding their way here. It's hard to believe that I have almost a year's worth of data,
Green Cay Monthly Counts. The park has over 17 breeding species which is up from only 9 last year. We attract birders and photographers alike at the park and some of the visitors have donated their pictures for our website bird checklist found here: Green Cay Bird List. It's always amazing to see what real photographers can capture. For now, you are stuck with my low grade digital pictures at this site.

Grackles on the railing. This flock had 76 individuals.

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker. After watching her for a few minutes I found that she has a cavity on the other side of this dead palm.

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