13 December 2007

Bolivia re-visited

Originally I planned to finish up my post about Jekyll Island's Hotspots but I'm going to postpone that until tomorrow. Instead I thought I would shed some light on the controversy happening in Bolivia right now. This small land-locked country is often overlooked but there are grand things happening right now. Though the country is struggling to find resolution, this could be the beginning of major reform for the indigenous groups that are strongly represented there. You can read about it at the Democracy Center's Blog.

After visiting this beautiful country in October I am even more tied to the political processes that are occurring. My dear friend Rupp is still in Bolivia working for the Peace Corps promoting environmental education. We spoke last night and other than daily phone calls to the office and orders not to travel, her life isn't majorly affected by the political tensions. From my understanding most of the political roadblocks and rallies occur in the cities and are not felt in the countryside. But when the voting takes place, it will be the indigenous campesinos that make the decisions since they hold the majority of the vote.

Below you will find a picture of us while on vacation. The Jesuit Mission Circuit is an off beaten track to follow but I would recommend it to anyone traveling to the country. This is us outside of the ConcepciĆ³n mission.

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