08 November 2007

Screaming Limpkins

Limpkins have a reputation for being shy birds but the ones at Green Cay Wetlands haven't receieved the memo. In our small 100 acre park I counted over 13 Limpkins yesterday. They are found not only feeding but also perching on the walkways and ramps. They eagerly search for apple snails and the evidence of their feeding is everywhere. Empty shells line the banks of the berm and you can even find broken pieces on the boardwalk.

My favorite thing about Limpkins has to be their haunting wail. They can be heard all across the wetlands once they start their screaming calls. This call also is the major complaint from many South Florida residents. Limpkins love to unleash their calls in the early morning hours and consequently, homeowners call us at the nature center to pick up "our" birds that have escaped. It is hard for people to understand that these birds are just inhabiting the little bit of land they can find, even if that is a subdivision rentention pond. I hope that the Limpkins continue to come to Green Cay and make this their home as well.

Headless Limpkin

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